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  Welcome to Roots RagaMuffins.

  We are a small family owned cattery in Western Oregon. Here at Roots, we raise our Kittens in our home, making them well socialized, lovable lap cats. RagaMuffins are large cuddly, affectionate cats with dense, silky fur , similar to that of a rabbit. Their fur requires little maintenance. Just a quick brushing about once a week. Known as the teddy-bear of cats. These gentle giants are bred to be docile and gentle by nature, rarely ever extending their claws. Its goes with out saying, they are wonderful companions. They follow you around your house and are ready to greet you when you come home. Their loving nature makes them great family pets. They can even be good friends with other animals. More than one in a home may be a good idea because they are very sociable cats.


                             Ragamuffins are truly the Purrfect pet!

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